Artesian/Polaris is a white dolomitic marble quarried in FYROM near the town of Prilep. It can be recognised as one of the whitest materials on the planet in its higher selections however it is best known for its uniform calcite diagonal structure and the enormous amount of reserves that can undertake even the most demanding projects.

Use Floor Tiles, countertops, cladding, facades, ornamental pieces
Finish Polished
Material Type Marble

Mass Loss (%) 0.79
Flexural Strength (N/mm2) 10.30
Water Absorption (%) 0.20
Compressive Strength (N/mm2) 86.45
Real Density (Pr) Kg/m3 2840.4
Apparent Density (Pb) Kg/m3 2830.25
Open Porosity (Po) % 0.60
Total Porosity (P) % 0,54
Determination of abrasion resistance Loss (%) 0.19
Determination of micro-hardness HV (average) 302.9