Thassos Marble, quarried on the island of Thassos in Northern Greece, is known   for its pure white color and for bringing elegance and luxury to any project small or large. It is a crystalline dolomite marble that provides a high reflection of sunlight compared to other white marbles while holding a cool temperature.

Use Floor Tiles
Finished Polished
Material Type Marble

Mass Loss (%) 0.52
Flexural Strength (N/mm2) 13.97
Water Absorption (%) 0.20
Compressive Strength (N/mm2) 91.2
Real Density (Pr) Kg/m3 2810
Apparent Density (Pb) Kg/m3 2822.7
Open Porosity (Po) % 0.07
Total Porosity (P) % 1.49
Determination of abrasion resistance Loss (%) 0.12
Determination of micro-hardness HV (average) 294.4